Native Speaker Hour

  •  Aimed at children aged 4-8 who's native language is english or who speak english with a parent/guardian at home
  • Our Native-English Detectives are encouraged to play, chat, create, experiment and make friends all in english
  • Using a range of methods, games, activities and fun worksheets the children are immersed in a space totally dedicated to the sole use of the english language
  • Unlike our other courses  our Native-English Detectives are not  taught words and grammatical structures rather they are given the chance to use and to naturally expand their command of  english in their own way

  • Just like our other courses everthing our Native-English Detectives do is fun-packed!!

Every child deserves a place where they can express themselves to the fullest in the language they grew up with

Our Native Speaker Hour, every Thursday afternoon in Pradl, can give your child that exact chance today!


Native Speak Hour

Our prices vary from semester to semester depending on the amount of registrations we get for our Native Speaker hour.

For information on prices for the coming semester please don't hesitate to get in contact with us via the contact

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